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How Using a Pensacola Public Adjuster Can Pay Off
If you're in Pensacola, Florida dealing with an insurance claim, you have two choices: handle the claim on your own or hire a Pensacola public adjuster. While you probably don't want to incur any unexpected out-of-pocket costs, using a Pensacola public adjuster can be one of the smartest choices you make. Here's what you need to know about using a public adjuster to settle an insurance claim.

1. You Won't Pay Any Upfront Fees When You Use a Pensacola Public Adjuster. Public insurance adjusters are regulated by the Florida Department of Financial Services and must comply with various state statutes that cover everything from licensing and bonding to how we are paid for our services. We cannot charge upfront fees, and we are paid out of the final settlement (a percentage which is capped by state insurance law). Thus, consumers are financially able to receive expert assistance from a qualified Pensacola public adjuster -- even if they do not have the financial resources to pay for these services at the beginning of the claim.

2. You Won't Pay Anything if the Pensacola Public Adjuster Doesn't Get You an Insurance Settlement. Another great thing about working with a Pensacola public adjuster is that if your adjuster cannot obtain a settlement for you, for example, if the claim is denied, you will not pay a single penny. There's no financial risk to use a Pensacola public adjuster.

3. Your Pensacola Public Adjuster Works for You. Unlike your insurance company's claims adjuster who essentially works for his or her employer, your Pensacola public adjuster from All Claim Solutions works for you, the policyholder. We want to make sure that your insurance claim is accurate, complete, and fully maximized so that you receive every single penny owed to you under the terms of your insurance policy. The insurance company has a different objective, and it's not necessarily to pay you as much as it possibly can. Understanding these differences in point of view is crucial. If you want all of your losses to be fully discovered and compensated, you'll need to take matters into your own hands and not let the insurance company dictate the scope and value of your Pensacola insurance claim.

4. Public Insurance Adjusters Typically Increase the Settlement Value Significantly. When you work with a public insurance adjuster, you have a policyholder advocate on your side working to maximize your claim. Studies in Florida have shown that policyholders who use public adjusters tend to receive much higher settlements than those who don't. Because your Pensacola public adjuster is paid a percentage of the settlement, there's a built-in incentive to seek and claim as much as possible. Where your insurance company's adjuster may hesitate to go out onto your roof in search of damage, we're eager to do so -- and we know what to look for and where hidden damage can often be found.

Make sure everything is discovered and paid for by working with a Pensacola public adjuster. Contact us today to learn more.